STUDIO CITY—The demolition of The Sportsmen’s Lodge Event Center commenced during the Labor Day weekend to build new retail space, according to the Sportsmen’s Lodge’s website.

The original Sportsmen’s Lodge opened in the 1800s and was the unofficial place for celebrities to hang out and fish or lounge. Known stars to frequent The Sportsmen’s Lodge included Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne, amongst other famous faces. 

Owned by Broughton Hotels, who also owns the Studio City Courtyard, The Sportsmen’s Lodge can accommodate 190 guest rooms, in addition to serving as a wedding venue with its beautiful waterfalls. 

Developers plan to build shops, restaurants, and a fitness center, while keeping the hotel running as part of the new look of the classic and historical establishment. 

“There will be mid level demolition, and construction noise, with intermittent heavier noise associated with the project. The noise will occur between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience,” notes a message on The Sportsmen’s Lodge website.