HOLLYWOOD—This is wild and really came out of left field in my opinion when it comes to the latest storyline development on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Out of the blue Hope Logan suddenly has a stalker who has been making threats against her, and I questioned the possibility that it was perhaps Bill Spencer who was hoping to create a further rift between Liam and Steffy.

No, Bill is not the culprit; the individual is a newbie in town by the name of Zoe, who Wyatt just welcomed into his home to finish a painting. Yes, it’s not wise to just allow complete strangers inside your home and let them run amuck without wanting to ask a few questions first. Zoe decided to use Sally’s computer to send threatening messages as her way of getting her foot in the door at Forrester Creations. Why? Well her ex, Xander happens to work there and she is obsessed with him and NOT in a good way. Why? Zoe is slightly unhinged and her obsession with Xander might be downright dangerous and scary.

This does not bode well for Xander, Emma and the people closet in his orbit. He decided to spill the truth to Emma about his past, just as Maya and Julius warned Xander to be careful of what information he shares with others about his past. Xander was stunned to see his ex in the flesh at Forrester Creations, and his ability to turn on and turn off his English accent is hilarious. Man Zoe is scary and not in just a stalkerish way, more like a sociopath who will stop at no ends to get what she wants. Man, I love this dynamic between Xander and Zoe, Xander alerted Thorne, Katie, Sally, Liam and Hope that he had an idea of who might be behind the threats, just as Zoe decided to cozy up to Emma in hopes of getting dirt on the chick that has sunk her claws in her former flame.

Is this story slightly fun? To a degree, but it is indeed giving me remnants of the whole situation with Steffy and Ally from a few years back. It totally sucks that Sally is once again having her name tarnished by someone she has absolutely no connection to. Katie (another person on her high horse, yet again), with Thorne by her side hired a high-tech computer guy to trace the IP address which led them to Sally’s computer. Sally vehemently denied their accusations, but Thorne decided to make an executive decision to let Sally go to protect Hope and the company.

Liam was taken back with the revelation, but seemed to suspect Sally may have committed the deed. However, Sally pleaded a strong case, and pointed out that the true stalker is still out there and that means Hope could be in danger, and with her being pregnant that is not good news America. Pump the brakes, because just when you think Sally is getting screwed again, Xander comes to the rescue revealing the truth about Zoe and her role in the threats. So the danger has been pinpointed and Sally confronted Zoe about her antics. So as soon as you think a mystery is developing, we have a target placed firmly on the actual culprit without any wavering.

This brings the conversation back to the whole Hope pregnancy bombshell. Steffy is not happy and can sense that Liam might drift away from her with this baby bombshell. Oh, but things just keep getting better. How? Wyatt spilled the beans to Bill that Hope is pregnant with Liam’s child. That immediately perked up Dollar Bill, who had recently been on a tirade, but shifted all that negative energy towards the positive giving Steffy his blessing to marry his son, while apologizing to Wyatt and offering him his job back at Spencer Publications.

There is and will always be something between Liam and Hope and now that she is pregnant everyone can pick up on those sparks more. Brooke has witnessed it, Steffy has witnessed it and Bill has witnessed it. Liam is in a crazy place, one baby here, another on the way and he proposed marriage to two women and has NO IDEA who he wants to be with. To be honest Liam just needs to have some time alone to make a decision and not string these two ladies along. It’s not fair to the viewers, because this is a storyline that has been ongoing for years, and I mean years so it’s not bringing anything fresh to the table if I am honest.