WESTWOOD—The famous donut shop, Stan’s Donut’s closed its doors permanently on Friday, April 10.

The long standing Westwood donut shop is closing after 55 years in business. The shop’s owner posted a personal note on the company’s website. The shop is located at 10948 Weyburn Avenue. The note read:

“Dear Friends & Family,

Over the years each of you have touched my life, you have visited me in the early morning hours and the late nights.  Your support and friendship has meant more than you know.

It is with a sad heart that I inform you that I have made the decision to close my doors and today will be the last day I will be making donuts. 

Unfortunately COVID-19 made the decision happen sooner, but I hope that you will remember how our donuts made you smile for many years to come.

Thank you for being by my side for all these years.

With Love,

Stan Berman.”

The closure of Stan’s Donuts comes along with many other businesses struggling during  the COVID-19 crisis. While many businesses are planning to only close temporarily, some have had no choice but to shut their doors permanently.