HOLLYWOOD—Thank you to the powers that be that brought in the character of Dr. Finnegan to woo Steffy Forrester away from Liam Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean for over a decade we had this ongoing love triangle between Liam, Steffy and Hope. After a long fought battle, Hope won over Liam’s heart, as she already had it, only Steffy manipulated the situation. Finn and Steffy have shared more than one kiss and at this point it seems the two are an item.

Steffy and Finn know it, Ridge knows it, Thomas knows it, Hope knows it, but there is one problem: Liam. Liam is not happy about Steffy having a man in her life that is NOT him. Yes, Hope, you hit it right on the money when you called Liam out on his shenanigans. Liam is jealous of Finn and he isn’t able to let go of that jealously and envy that is bubbling up in his soul. Steffy has always been linked to Liam and to see him with another guy that is not him, has him in a tizzy America.

Liam did not like hearing the ‘J’ word, but I am indeed happy someone was willing to call him out on his antics, and what better person than Hope America. Will this cause some friction in Hope and Liam’s marriage, one can only hope, as it gives the two a storyline. With that said, it might open the door for Thomas to swoop in and go after the prize that he has always wanted: Hope Logan.

Thomas has been good as of late, but that dark sinister side of his is just slowly building to the surface. Zende’s return to Los Angeles has caused more waves than expected. For starters, Zende is taking over as head designer for Hope for the Future, which has irked Thomas slightly. He might not be obsessed with Hope, but he still has feelings for her and if things between Liam and Hope faltered, Thomas would be right there to swoop in.

That was made evident when Thomas designed a dress for Hope that raised flags for Brooke Logan. Brooke is beyond a mother bear and will fiercely defend and protect her children at all cost no matter what the situation. With that said, Zende has caused a few waves for Carter and Zoe. Carter was ready to take the next step in the direction of his relationship with Zoe by moving in together.

Too bad Zoe turned him down because her eyes are fixated on Zende. Zende is mending a broken heart, but as fans of the soap already know, a new face is coming to town in Paris Buckingham, Zoe’s sister. Something tells me Paris and Zende might have a past, and if that is the case, oh, this is going to be very intriguing to see this Zoe, Carter, Paris and Zende triangle unfold. It’s just baffling how quickly Zoe went form adoring Carter, to being fixated and I mean fixated on Zende. Girl, you just met him, and he was married, do you want to travel down that path so soon without knowing what you’re getting into?

That’s pretty much all we have for “B&B” this week, but it’s worth noting that Finn and Steffy exchanged “I love You’s” which I thought was fairly soon, but in the soap arena, it’s never too soon apparently.