HOLLYWOOD—I must admit the acting I have witnessed from Jacqueline MacInnes Wood during the past two weeks on “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been freaking fantastic. I mean pencil in Wood for Lead Actress contention for 2021 because she gave me chills when she lashed out a Liam and Dr. Finn during Monday’s episode. I knew a pill addiction storyline was headed our way, but the writers have truly intensified the chaos of this narrative that I did not expect.

Things have gotten to the point that Liam realized something was wrong with his ex-wife when he found her unresponsive after he planned to drop off their daughter, Kelly. It sent Steffy into a panic as she spiraled, Liam went searching the house and found those pills that she received from Thomas’ pal Vinny. Thomas showed a bit of compassion as he worried about his sister’s wellbeing.

It led to a confrontation royale with Hope, Liam and Brooke at Brooke’s home, where barbs were traded, which only prompted Ridge, Liam and Finn to intervene to force Steffy to acknowledge that she has a problem and desperately needs help. The crying, the rages, the fit and the truth, just gave the audience a slice of what a possible addict deals with on a daily basis, heck it could be worse than this, but it was a sight to see. I can only imagine how Bill Spencer will react to discovering what he has done has caused Steffy to spiral in a way that he never imagined. I mean the tears from Ridge and Liam; this was some spectacular acting America, just amazing.

This week should have been all and I mean all about Steffy and her fight to curb her addiction, but the writers decided this would be a good time to push this Shauna and Ridge marriage. I thought this was terrible, but this is where we stand. However, Quinn’s master plan was about to blow up in a way that fans have been eagerly waiting for. Ridge agreed to another ceremony, which only enraged and saddened Brooke more, but this big wedding was about to be delivered a curveball that Quinn, Shauna and the rest of the wedding party never saw coming.

Oh, we all know NO WEDDING every goes without a hitch in the soap arena and that was never more expected than on “B&B.” So not only did the big cliffhanger lead to what would be the epic fallout of Quinn being exposed, but Brooke proving once again that Shauna and Flo are more alike than what people think and it will be a major stain and I mean major stain on Flo after what her mom pulled. Why? It raises the question as to rather Flo was aware what her mom was up to and kept secret just like she did with Beth.

Quinn it looks like you’re about to get your comeuppance and many people will be after you, not just Brooke and Ridge, but Eric, Katie and Bill Spencer of all people. Bill does not like being played for a fool and played him like a fiddle like no other. Good luck on Bill not sparing his wrath on you and I must say it’s about time Quinn get a taste of her own medicine which is long overdue.