HOLLYWOOD—We knew it was coming so I’m not surprised, but rather the writers are willing to actually go there on “The Bold and the Beautiful” is indeed another tale. Why? Well right after her tryst with her father-in-law Bill Spencer, Steffy Forrester learned good news and bad news? She is PREGNANT! Yes, Liam is ecstatic about the news, so was Steffy in the beginning, but that happiness, soon turned to dread with the revelation that Bill and not Liam could be the father of her bundle of joy.

Steffy needs to know the truth as soon as possible and has already taken a paternity test to learn the truth. Time will indeed tell who the father of her baby is. I know this is bad, but I secretly have my fingers crossed hoping that Bill is the father. Why? The fallout from not only the revelation that Steffy and Bill hooked up, but the fact that Liam will have a little brother or sister because of his father and wife’s hookup can make for juicy storyline material people, really juicy.

The news is being kept tight-lipped, but Wyatt knows about his brother’s bundle of joy, just as Brooke is aware of Wyatt and Katie’s secret relationship. Why in the hell is Brooke worried about Bill learning the truth has left me baffled. She should be more concerned about Ridge and Quinn. My gut tells me another smooch or hookup between the two is inevitable, but the question remains what will lead to it. I mean Thorne has accepted Ridge and Brooke’s engagement without blowing up on his brother, but we all know he is secretly working behind the scenes to stir up more drama.

I mean I was literally dumbfounded with the revelation that the tryst between Quinn and Ridge was only kept between those two, Brooke, Ivy, Katie and Eric. I was ecstatic to see Thorne drop that bomb on Rick, who will utilize this information to his advantage. How this secret just flew over everyone’s head has left me utterly stunned. That is one thing you can say about the “B&B.” People certainly know how to keep a secret, but I’m certain Thorne is going to announce this to the masses, which will have a domino effect because everyone will not take this news as something that can easily be swept under the rug.

Speaking of Ridge, he has all he wants, but I suspect Ridge’s happiness will come at a cost, because his gloating to Bill about reclaiming the one that was once tied to Bill shows his arrogance has no remorse. Ridge, Bill still has no idea that you cheated on Brooke with Quinn. Imagine what he will do when that information comes to light? Hello, he runs a publication company, he could tarnish your reputation in ways that one never imagined. Oh, by the way, he slept with your daughter and could make you a grandfather yet again. Could you imagine Ridge’s reaction to learning about Steffy and Bill’s tryst? Can you imagine Bill rubbing this information in Ridge’s face? Tic for tac Ridge, tic for tac!

Bill is just the man of the hour, because it looks like his world could become even further complicated when he discovers that his son Wyatt has been secretly hooking up with his ex-wife Katie. The question I have is rather Bill will let this roll off his shoulder or take vengeance against Wyatt the same why he did with Liam. Bill doesn’t like others having his sloppy seconds, and that is further complicated if that person is a blood relative or worse, someone he has a kid with.

Wyatt and Katie are indeed playing with fire, so I cannot wait till this long-waited secret (yet again) comes to fruition. Gotta say, “The Bold and the Beautiful” does something that annoys me to the core people: they let secrets last way too long. I mean we still haven’t unleashed that secret that Bill set fire to Spectra Fashions, he also lied about Caroline’s illness, and the fact that multiple people have kept Thomas in the dark about Caroline’s little secret. Come on already, stop dragging these secrets and let them explode already. With Hope Logan returning in January, I’m certain the tryst of Steffy and Bill is about to unearth madness we never expected and man this is going to be glorious TV to watch!