HOLLYWOOD—Well, the old Steffy has returned to “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why? She made a deal with the Devil literally and the repercussions are about to have epic consequences for multiple parties involved, in ways that some will never see coming. After catching Liam and Hope kissing in the storage room, nearly naked, Steffy railed on Liam and Hope. Stop! Steffy you SLEPT with Bill, Liam’s husband, Liam was only caught kissing Hope. There is nothing equal about the situation, and one wrong doesn’t make another right, but the hypocrisy if hilarious.

Steffy can do the unthinkable and receive forgiveness, but if Liam makes a slight mistake it is the end of the world America. Looking for vengeance, Steffy went right to Bill, as so many of us expected and Hope and Brooke both echoed to Liam, and made a power move. She was willing to stand by Bill’s side and marry him, but he had to give her something. What? She wanted his shares at Forrester Creations. It’s a bold move, and I knew the moment Steffy demanded those shares, her goal was to be the power player at Forrester Creations.

Why? She has plans to oust Hope from the company as a way to deliver the dagger to Liam and Hope for their betrayal. This is a very dirty move that will ignite a war with Brooke, Ridge, Hope, Liam, Bill and Eric. Eric started the company and while Steffy is his granddaughter, I don’t think he’ll go for this drastic move. Liam is already livid at his wife’s latest betrayal, not to mention the fact that Steffy is wearing Bill’s necklace. He begged his wife to not go through with marrying Bill, but Steffy has made it her mission to get back at Liam and Hope.

If there was one person who was able to pierce through Steffy a bit it was Ridge. Ridge was livid when Wyatt dropped that bomb on him, not to mention hearing it directly from his daughter’s mouth. Steffy while conflicted had already signed the paperwork and seemed to be at peace with her decision even if it pisses off everyone in her orbit. This rift is only drawing Hope and Liam closer together, which I’m not certain if Steffy expected. Bill loves to marry people and he has asked Justin and Wyatt to help him plan his latest shindig. Hmm, I can already sense this wedding not going off without a hitch. When was the last time a wedding actually transpired without any hiccups? That hiccup is Ridge. This guy hates Bill Spencer and the fact that he weasels his way back into his daughter’s orbit has him livid. Prepare yourself for battle (I have lost count at this point) between Ridge and Bill.

Other news in the “B&B” universe is something we all expected: Zoe is about to become a member of the Forrester Creations team courtesy of Thorne. That does not equate good news for Emma and Xander. We know Zoe has one hell of a dark side and I can sense some major danger headed towards Emma’s direction as well as Xander. However, Zoe might want to tread lightly because Emma’s uncle Justin is quite ruthless when it comes to doing Bill’s biding, so imagine what he will do if it’s a family member. It is just utter stupidity to hire someone who has stalkerish tendencies and you are well aware of it.

Some of the storylines on “B&B” have been silly, but I will admit I am super intrigued by this power move by Steffy, but when time came to marry Bill, she came to her senses, just as Bill declared his love by still giving Steffy his shares of the company. Wow, Bill is indeed turning over a new leaf, and Steffy is in perhaps the biggest power position and we’re about to see her dark side to her not seen before if you ask me.