BEVERLY HILLS— Los Angeles based restaurant owner Stephane Bombet is no longer associated with a few of his businesses after past Facebook posts resurfaced of him wearing blackface at a Halloween party in 2011. The post was originally posted by a professional photography account but has been deleted since its resurfacing.

The restaurateur says he was wearing a costume of the rapper Lil Wayne whose album was released two months before the occasion. Bombet appears to be wearing a black face, a hat with fake dreadlocks, and his teeth lined in a gold veneer. The photos took place at one of Bombet’s previously owned restaurants, Picca, a Peruvian Cantina in Los Angeles.

“I am a fan of Lil Wayne and have for many years. In 2011, Lil Wayne released his ninth album, Tha Carter IV, which I thought was amazing. At a Halloween party, two months after the album was released, I dressed up as my hero, Lil Wayne. This is my statement, and please run it in its entirety,” Bombet said in a statement.

Since the post has been made relevant, Bombet no longer has an association with three Los Angeles based restaurants. Faith and Flower, Nic’s on Beverly, and Ms. Chi announced via their Instagram accounts that Bombet will no longer be associated with their businesses due to his past actions being brought to light.

“We would like to take this time to inform our customers and community that Stephane Bombet is no longer associated with Nic’s On Beverly. Racism of any kind is not tolerated. We believe strongly in inclusion and respect for all, and apologize for any hurt his actions may have caused. We stand firmly with the Black community in the fight for long-term systemic change, justice and equity,” said Nic Adler, owner of Nic’s On Beverly.

Stephane Bombet owns several restaurants around Los Angeles including Faith and Flower and Nic’s on Beverly.

Bombet also has been involved in many other restaurants and business ventures that range throughout the region. He’s been involved in the establishment in Mo-Chica, Paiche, Hanjip and Viviane, which Bombet is no longer affiliated with. All of Bombet’s restaurants have been permanently closed since the coronavirus pandemic. Faith and Flower, Nic’s On Beverly, and Ms. Chi were the only restaurants of Bombet’s that have been able to remain open since the shutdown.

He also spearheads Bombet Hospitality Group, a restaurant networking organization founded in 2014 that aims to connect chefs and restaurateurs around Los Angeles to provide business strategies with one another.

Before moving to the United States, Bombet lived in France where he owned several restaurants and Nightclubs in Paris as well as a public relations and brand marketing firm.