BEVERLY HILLS—The 30-year-old male involved in a fatal motorcycle crash on July 1 has been identified as Steven Davenport. The other victim, who was also injured in the crash, has yet to be identified. Davenport was identified on Sunday, July 11. Both victims are residents of Sacramento. 

The fatal accident transpired at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Glenroy Avenue near the campus of UCLA. The two were driving in the westbound lane when Davenport drifted into the other lane and lost control of the motorcycle. They collided with a Volvo traveling eastbound and were ejected from the motorcycle striking the pavement. 

According to the authorities, paramedics arrived at the scene and transported the victims  to a local hospital. Davenport later passed away at the hospital. The other victim was treated for injuries she sustained.

The driver of the Volvo remained at the scene until authorities arrived. No further details about the accident have bene disclosed to the public.