HELLO AMERICA!—Thousands of young hopefuls come toHollywood every day. They have read the books, read all the star-hype on their favorite stars and believe they can easily enter the game of success.  However, I’ve found that not all of these youngsters fall in the same trap of Tinseltown make believe.  I was very happy to meet one young actor, Stevie Kay Proctor who made it very clear that he knew what he was getting into when he leftOhio.


MSJ: Stevie, what really prompted you to come west and try your luck being in front of the camera?


SKP: As a kid I used to watch all the action films my folks tough guys handing out pain to all the crooks in the story. I guess my fantasy is being a hero.

MSJ: When you think of a hero who does that include as far as television or film?

SKP: Oh, guys like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Steven Seagal or the Rock are great.  Any film with these guys makes my day.

MSJ: Is it very frustrating working as an extra, especially when you see other actors playing roles you could easily command as well?

SKP: Yeah! Sometimes it’s frustrating but I know my time will come. Being an extra gives me a chance to watch directors, cameramen and the really good actors doing their thing.  It’s like being in a film master class. And I love it all.

MSJ: Many actors enroll in improv classes or theatre workshops.

SKP: Oh sure!  Gives you a chance to get in front of an audience and learn the craft of acting.  One thing you realize is how important “listening” is when working with other actors. That’s when you can react honestly in a scene. It’s the only way to make an audience believe who and what you are as the character you’re playing.  I’ve done a few work shop plays and it’s made me a better actor.  Then watching all the other actors like yourself grow into really good actors. It makes you want to work even harder to be good.

MSJ: Since preparing for a serious career as an actor, have you learned very much about yourself?

SKP: I sure have.  One important thing is staying focused, don’t screw things up trying to do too many things all at once.  Concentrate on what your passion is. Do everything in your power to prepare for the day or time when the door is open for you to walk through.  Don’t assume anything, just be ready.  If you’re lucky enough to be chosen for something really special, you will know that you’ve done everything necessary to meet the challenge.