UNITED STATES—Life can be crazy sometimes America. You have a full-time job, you’re in school, you have family issues, your social circle is stressing you out, your health is not great, and the list can go on and on. When you feel overwhelmed it is easy to scream, shout and just cave in, but that is not a great solution people. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take a moment and breathe.

Yes, you heard me correctly take a moment and just take a deep breathe. Try to collect your thoughts and realize the end of the world has not transpired. It might feel like that at times, but if you really think about it is not. Life is full of curves people, if things were easier life would be easy and it’s not the case. When you’re challenged, it allows you to grow and it tests your mental strength at the same time.

We have all heard that saying, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” And I am in complete agreement with that statement your will to survive is being tested. Will you cave under the pressure or will you adapt to the situation at hand. Now this is not going to be easy for everyone, but a little pressure is a good thing. If everything happened the way that you wanted it to you, you probably not be as motivated when it comes to work, school, relationship, family squabbles, friendships and so many other things.

Sometimes you just have to take a moment and do something that brings you a bit of joy. Rather that is checking out social media in between breaks at work, watching a funny YouTube video, listening to a bit of music, a quick/intense 10-15 minute workout or even a quick nap can be satisfying. I have found that while immersed in studying, sometimes things can become mundane and if that transpires, I have to stop.

Take my advice, if you’re feeling a bit of burnout or lack of focus that is a sign to stop and take a break. Yes, I know you might want to push yourself to complete whatever task that you are completing. Don’t, you’re inclined to make a mistake and you’re not presenting your best. A nap is way better than any sleep you can imagine. I swear a 15-30 minute nap really helps my body rejuvenate and makes me feel energized. I know that is the craziest thing in the world to say, but a 30-minute nap can sometimes feel like an 8 hour period of sleep.

Sometimes your brain just needs a sec to disconnect from all the stimuli surrounding to regroup whatever is taking place in your orbit. You may think screaming and shouting is the release you need when you feel all is going wrong. I’m not necessary against it, but I think there are more constructive ways to let out whatever frustration or stressor you may be dealing with.

As a result, do something that brings you a bit of joy. Lean towards the positive and not the negative because you get more as a result. Life will give you lemons, it is what you do with those lemons that matter, will you make lemonade or sit there and let the sour taste linger in your mouth.

Written By Jason Jones