UNITED STATES—Adult film star, Stormy Daniels indicated to The Daily Beast, that she never intended to sue President Donald Trump for defamation of character. The lawsuit was a result of Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who gave Daniels $130,000 to cover up an alleged sexual encounter that transpired in 2006.

Daniels indicated that she intended to stand up for herself “from President Trump and his minions,” but the decision to sue Trump was on behalf of her attorney Michael Avenatti. She informed The Daily Beast that Avenatti set up a fund in  her name, where she has not received from Avenatti. She noted she learned of another fund in her name via Twitter.

Daniels stated that Avenatti was “a great advocate” for her, but showed little respect for her as an attorney.

Avenatti, did respond to Fox News stating he has always been, “Stormy’s biggest champion and said that he had made financial sacrifices to defend her name. The most recent [fundraising] campaign was simply to refresh the prior campaign.”