UNITED STATES—One of the most important factors influencing the buying decision of customers is the reviews available online. People have started to rely on online reviews increasingly. The number of stars that appear is the immediate deciding factor for a buyer.

When your brand has more positive reviews, it helps to increase your brand image. This will ultimately result in increased sales and more profits.

This is the reason many companies buy positive reviews as a means to improve their image. It goes a long way in expanding their business.

Most of the shopping these days is done online due to the rapid increase in usage of online platforms. E-commerce has been seen flourishing in the recent past.

What is that even you as a buyer will look into first when choosing a product online? The reviews of previous buyers will be the answer. So this goes to tell how important positive reviews are. They can make a business ascend to great heights.

Let us now move on to discuss some strategies that can help to get more reviews.

  • Set up a profile for your brand:

To generate reviews you should first have a designated place where you can save them. The customers should be able to find a place where they can post their reviews.

This will necessarily be your profile. You have to create a profile for your business on the platform where you need people to post their reviews.

For example, there are many popular review sites online like Google reviews, Glassdoor, and Yelp. You need to create your profile in any of these or similar kind of.

The review site requires basic information about your brand when setting up your profile. The link for the same should be sent to your customers when you want them to post their positive feedback.

  • Asking for reviews:

One way to get more positive reviews is to ask for them. Whom should you be asking? Your customers, who are the backbone for the success of your business.

Remember that their reviews become a source of marketing for your business without you having to spend on this.

Asking for reviews can be done by way of sending email requests. When customers buy a product from you make sure you ask for their email and store it in your database.

Later you can mail them and request them to review your service and product. This is one way of getting closer to your clients.

When a sale is done, leave at least 5 days before you send them an email. By this time they would have started to use the product and will be in a position to provide feedback.

Make sure you send the links in a way it is easier for the customers to use and respond to. It would be a good idea not to make them write paragraphs. Instead, the reviews can be in the form of questions and answers and also rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • When to ask for a review:

To achieve a positive review, the time it is requested is also important. Not always the customers are satisfied with a product and may look up to replacements.

In those times it is possible you may get a negative review. So the appropriate time to approach is important. This also holds good when you try to buy positive reviews.

Identify the stages when you can go for a review. Sometimes when the same product is re-ordered it could be the best time to approach as you are confident that customer satisfaction has led to repeat purchases.

You may also ask for a review when you have successfully responded to their issue after purchase, like an after-sales service review.

Their browsing choices on your website may also be another reason to ask for a review.

These are places where a sure positive review will come up resulting in a great boost to your brand.

Social media is being used by more people in this digital age. You should not fall behind in the competitive environment. Take up to social media accounts and use them as a powerful tool to augment your brand image. It is one of the best places in recent times to look for reviews.