STUDIO CITY — On Thursday, July 23, Crave Cafe, a local business in Studio City, was fined 356 dollars for displaying a sign that affirmed the establishment was open. The Department of Building and Safety said the reason for the penalty was a lack of proper permits. 

Crave Cafe has struggled during the COVID era. The cafe has seen a 70 percent decrease in business since the pandemic started. They were dealt another blow when they were given a fine for having takeout and delivery signs displayed. The cafe owner gave out a message to local leaders asking for “compassion” during these difficult times (NBC). Mayor Garcetti responded to the debacle by saying he was willing to give the business a break, especially during the current economic climate (NBC).

The fines come after Los Angeles county served out stricter measures for re-opening as a consequence of increased cases across the county. Improper forms were the cause of the penalties. The cafe has to fill out the correct paperwork to display the sign legally. The cafe has been told to pay the fine within thirty days or risk the penalty being increased.

Crave Cafe is located on 11992 Ventura Blvd, Studio City. The business is open for takeout and delivery.