HOLLYWOOD—I was so eager for this week’s episode of “Succession” because I needed to see what the fallout from last week’s stunner of an episode involving Logan Roy. This week’s episode, ‘Honeymoon States’ saw the kids plotting to ensure their father’s empire did not fall in the wrong hands, and it became apparent that the tension was starting to build between Shiv, Roman and Kendall.

Greg did his best to offer condolences to Shiv, Kendall and Roman with tons of awkwardness along the way. Members of the board, wanted to make an announcement on who might take control of Logan’s empire. The fact that all these people suspect they are experienced and prepared enough to take control of the business, over Logan’s flesh and blood is ridiculous. Gerri wanted to take control, but Carl also wanted a chance at the driver seat. These two are about to be stunned when they realize Shiv, Kendall and Roman plan to take the reins of the business. Yeah, Tom, you really have no shot at controlling Logan’s company; you were just a puppet.

Kendall learned that some possible insider trading may have happened with Hugo and his daughter. Hugo seemed a bit more worried than Kendall. Yeah that tension between Tom and Shiv was magnetic as hell, just as Tom hoped to bridge a gap with Kendall, who really wasn’t having any of it. Kendall learned that Logan wanted him to take over as CEO of the company and it left Roman and Shiv surprised. Frank spilled that tea to Kendall, who was taken aback, as he had a very fractured relationship with Logan.

Shiv and Roman felt slighted by that announcement, as Tom interrupted their conversation. Shiv blamed herself for her dad’s demise by forcing him to handle the Gojo sale and she unleashed a bit of raw emotion. Roman just comes across so unpleasant and annoying. Greg and Tom gossiped a bit about Logan and it was hilarious to witness. Connor joined his siblings as more kind words were said about Logan inside his home.

Carrie was planning to stage a scene to gather her belongings, but Greg wouldn’t allow it. Roman intervened, as I could tell if Carrie was being genuine or putting on the performance of a lifetime. Looks like all the older people in Logan’s orbit are angling to smooch up to the kids in efforts to win that crucial vote or leverage on a monetary level.

Kendall took control of gathering his siblings together for them to chat about what to do with dad’s business. He made a great point of one of them controlling the company. Roman was concerned about Kendall running the company, as was Shiv. It is amazing that Kendall is taking this constructive criticism about the worries. Shiv tossed her hat into the ring as well, it looks like a twosome to lead the WayStar, but it will be the three of them working together to ensure they maintain control of dad’s empire.

Shiv was worried about her brothers screwing her over, but they promised they would not screw her. They met with everyone to discuss who would lead the cooperation. Gerri wanted to run the company, but that was shot down. Frank seemed very apprehensive about letting the kids run the company. Shiv was oddly quiet as the negotiations. It was announced that Kendall and Roman would take control as Co-COO’s of their father’s empire. However, it was apparent that Shiv was annoyed with the result. She took a fall that gave her the attention in the room. She is being underestimated, and if I had to look into the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiv turned into the person who ultimately runs her father’s empire. She is more cunning, cutthroat and business savvy than people give her credit for.

That moment of Roman and Kendall being in their father’s office was a potent one to say the least. PR strategies came to play to push the notion of Logan Roy losing his competence or his kids making the big decisions for the company. I don’t like the later because it’s tarnishing members of the family and that is not a good thing people. However, while Roman didn’t want to tarnish dad’s name, Kendall had other plans, proving that he is more like Logan Roy than expected, as he blackmailed Hugo to do what he said he wouldn’t do and to keep it mum. Hmm, I wonder, how Roman will respond to this betrayal. Logan Roy might be gone, but the drama is far from over. Until next Sunday, “Succession” lovers!