HOLLYWOOD—Talk about sibling rivalry and family issues at its worst. That is what the audience has been treated to for the past three seasons on the HBO hit “Succession.” The intense drama kicked off its fourth and final season on Sunday as Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the mogul behind the massive entertainment company, Waystar RoyCo., proved to his kids they’re not smarter than him. After the bomb that was dropped last season, when Logan cut his kids out of the company in treacherous move, the kids were out for blood.

To say that the acting on this drama is top-notch would be an understatement. Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook all deliver as Logan’s children, Kendall (Strong), Roman (Culkin) and Shiv (Snook). As for Brian Cox, people, this guy is fantastic in this vicious yet tender role. There is also that issue with the oldest child, Connor (Alan Ruck), who isn’t as interested in running his father’s global empire. The premiere episode, ‘The Munsters’ witnessed more family infighting, as Kendall, Roman and Shiv amped the stakes by going toe-to-toe with dad in a bidding war with rival, Pierce media.

Logan wanted this company at all costs and made it clear to his team defeat or non-acquisition was not an option. Talk about pressure people. On the flipside, Kendall, Roman and Shiv wanted it to be clear to dear ole dad; he may have won the battle, but not the war. As much as one would like to think this episode was about Logan and his fracturing relationship with all his kids except Connor, it really was not.

At closer glance, this episode was seeing the disintegration of Shiv and Tom’s (Matthew MacFayden) marriage. For those not in the know, Tom was the one who clued Logan in on what the siblings were up to in the season three finale. It was a betrayal unlike any other. One that left Shiv stunned. It led to a separation from her husband, and that tension continued to build throughout the episode, as Logan celebrated a big birthday. The big birthday bash in the episode was more filler content as the negotiations between Logan and the Pierce matriarch went back and forth. The kids on the other hand were preparing the launch of what they hoped to be the new media mogul empire, ‘The Hundred’ but there were plenty of hiccups along the way people.

The character of Logan Roy is such an enigma. You root for him at times, your blood boils with the actions he takes at times. As a viewer, you never truly know what his end game is, and that is the testament to some fantastic writing that is aimed to constantly leave you on edge. That was not showcased more than the final moments of the episode, as Shiv and Tom had that ‘confrontation.’ I really wouldn’t consider it a confrontation, but it was simmering the entire episode.

Tom sided with his father-in-law over his wife?! Did he really think things would turn ok for his marriage in the end? Shiv taunted her husband, who really didn’t put up much of a fight. She made it clear she was simply there to gather some of her belongings. His hope for another romp in the sheets was not going to happen. They discussed the issues that led to the dissolution of their love affair, as it was clear it was a done deal. FYI, they did sleep near each other in the same bed.

However, the stain for Logan Roy was the realization that his bid for the Pierce media company was a no go, as his estranged kids managed to outbid him to the tune of $10 billion. Yes, the kids gloated about their victory, but Logan’s harsh terminology via that phone call was only an indication that dear ole dad will get his revenge. How he enacts it has yet to be seen. Remember this is the end people, so I would argue all bets are off. New episodes of “Succession” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.