HOLLYWOOD—I have no qualms saying to the world that I love reality TV. I find it so entertaining at times. It is an escape from all the other chaos in life people. I’ve been a fan of Bravo’s “Summer House.” I thought it was a refreshing thing to see. However, there was no one on that series that looked like me until season five, and I’ll be honest, I thought it was a direct result of the entire Black Lives Matter movement and this goal to showcase a bit of diversity the series had been lacking. No one wants to hear that, but I’m saying what most people were thinking.

So when I heard about the spinoff, “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” I was slightly ambivalent about the series. Like do I really want to see a bunch of Black folk acting elite and bougie? Not quite, but never assume before you know. Why? I found many of the characters on the series much more layered, in depth and refreshing than I expected.

Jasmine, she is newly married to Silas and is an aspiring screenwriter. Like, I cannot recall a TV series where a person of color, just like me, is focused on developing a career as a screenwriter. Also, Jasmine has a past and life story that just makes you connect with her as a viewer. There is Preston, who happens to be an attorney, and is not afraid to voice his opinions. He calls people out on things and I love that.

Jordan is gorgeous, but she gives off mean girl energy for me after just one episode, so there is more to her that I need to see. Nick and Alex are Kappa brothers, while Silas and Preston are Alpha brothers. Alex is vegan, he doesn’t really drink, so being in a party house feels like it might be a challenge for him, but Nick is a bit pretentious to be honest. Why? He constantly talks about his fashion and how much it costs.

Amir is a real estate agent, who happens to be Black and Lebanese and is exploring his Black heritage as he was raised by his Lebanese family. We have a love triangle brewing between Jordan, Amir and Nick. We know Jordan is NOT interested in Nick based on her confessionals. Jordan’s backstory is very interesting, as we’re seeing something not seen on TV. I love this friendship between Mariah and Jasmine, and Mariah’s if you leave me alone I’ll leave you alone attitude: iconic.

I do love that Mariah is calling her friend out on how many times she has ACTUALLY been to the Vineyard. Hmm, is Jasmine trying to overcompensate for something? Preston speaking the truth about Black Excellence was amazing, the struggle is more about succeeding amongst all odds, not the actual success that you put out there for the rest of the world to see. Those with a ton of money don’t always flaunt it. This game of Truth and Dare was quite fun to say the least people, as Jordan was not afraid to ask people to get to know her better. Whoa, Alex is related to John Legend that explains his singing talent.

That struggle for Mariah and Jasmine living in New York while homeless was so refreshing to hear and something that needs to be seen and discussed on reality TV more. We want your real life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Yeah, there is a big issue with Bria who brought a dog unexpectedly, without informing anyone. It was something that didn’t make Jasmine happy, but it was Mariah who didn’t mince words to call Bria out and the tension between these ladies are building. Some friction and drama has already started people between these three ladies.

For Jordan to be Jasmine’s friend, it really doesn’t feel like Jordan is that friendly to Jasmine with the constant digs in the confessionals. Would have never expected Mariah to have a child, but this is telling to never judge a book by its cover people. When Jordan revealed that she was celibate it was something Amir didn’t expect to hear, and almost felt like a deal breaker for him.

Amir might not be the nice guy that he gives vibes to the rest of the house. It was hilarious to see Jasmine talk to Preston about Bria as she was sitting right on the couch. Yeah, Jasmine, you got busted girl! Seeing those two ladies chat about their differences was heartwarming, as Jasmine had to take a look in the mirror and admit there are things that she is still working on.

There is something odd about Silas and Jordan’s relationship; it almost feels like he is afraid that his wife might veer off in the wrong direction as a result of her pal Jordan, who likes to have a good time. Jordan is a firecracker people and I want to see more of that. Only one episode in, and I’m intrigued by this cast and the interactions they have with one another. “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” airs Sundays at 9 p.m.