UNITED STATES—I am sorry America, but Super Bowl LV might have been one of the worst Super Bowl games that I have witnessed in the many years of my life. It just seemed so obvious that Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to be victorious after the end of the first quarter. Brady, Rob Gronkowski and the rest of Tampa Bay were just clicking on all cylinders and by the time the first half ended, my interest in the game was over.

I never want to watch a Super Bowl where it seems one team is steam rolling the other team, and the Kansas City Chiefs just didn’t stand a chance against Brady. Even with Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback just couldn’t gain his footing. I mean the Chiefs scored 9 points, all of them the direct result of field goals. Tampa Bay prevented the team from scoring a single touchdown and making matters worse, it just seemed like the penalties by the Chiefs were sealed their fate. I don’t know what was up with Tyrone Mathieu, but the guy couldn’t keep his frustration inside and it played out on the field against his team in the worst possible way.

There is no arguing: Tom Brady is one of the greatest NFL players of all time. Ten Super Bowls America, seven victories and five MVPs, does it get any better than that? You can’t. I will admit I did want the Chiefs to win, but it was a great victory for Brady and company because it showed this man’s talent. I mean he played for the New England Patriots for most of his life and then life, took a team in Tampa Bay (who was NOT GOOD) and took them to the Super Bowl and winning. The talent of this man is sometimes understated, but what he did on February 7 shows his prowess.

The National Anthem performed by Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church, I just did not understand the collaboration. I get they were trying to do something new, but I was just left confused by it. I think the National Anthem is something that needs to be sung by one person and we know it is indeed a difficult song to sing and considering you are attempting to clip what some people viewed as the greatest rendition of all time by Whitney Houston. Yeah, you will never see another iconic performance like that EVER AGAIN, so people need to stop thinking it was possible.

Now that we’ve talked about the game, let’s talk about the Halftime Show. I hate to say it I was bored people. The Weeknd is a musical talent, but I just don’t think he has an eclectic catalogue where people know all his songs. That was the biggest problem and when it comes to the Super Bowl you are catering to a massive audience people, so you really have to pick a musical act that can cater to all people. It wasn’t the worst, but all I can say is that the entertainment value, while theatrical to say the least, just didn’t work for me.

There is talk about commercials, but if I’m being all that honest, I don’t remember any of them. I do recall watching one with an Olympian that was emotional and thought-provoking, but beyond that, I don’t recall any others. Yes, some people watch the big game to see what commercials are memorable, emotional or funny, but with a pandemic still in play I think many advertisers weren’t fully sure where to go to ensure the tone struck the audience in the right way. That is the thing about advertising people; if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

I mean this was the 55th Super Bowl game, I honestly expected a bigger spectacle to celebrate such a milestone, I expected a grittier battle, I expected to be entertained. You know it’s bad when by halftime; everyone has ALREADY tuned out of the game and started doing other things. I guess that is the randomness of the Big Game. Sometimes you have hits and sometimes you have misses America. It is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.