LOS FELIZ—The 95-year-old Vista Theatre will see the opening of SuperCool Creamery in August. SuperCool Creamery is wrapping up construction next to the Los Feliz theater at the intersections of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Hillhurst and Virgil at 4469 Sunset Dr., Eater LA reported.

The creamery, founded by former actor Ben Fernebok, specializes in ice cream created on demand using liquid nitrogen. According to SuperCool Creamery’s website, its founder combined his passions for performance and ice cream into one. The company’s staff will consist of trained performers who will have learned how to make frozen desserts of different flavors including coffee and S’mores.

“We are like a travelling theatre of ice cream artisans performing delicious wizardry,” reads the creamery’s website. “Our counter is like our stage: and our silky smooth ice creams are like the magic rabbit being pulled from a hat!”

Before opening up the brick and mortar establishment, SuperCool Creamery catered to over 1800 events including red carpet premieres and corporate functions.

“The show is now available for everyone to experience,” reads the website. “The unique ice cream is available for everyone to enjoy; and the American dream lives on!”