BEVERLY HILLS — The Beverly Hills Arts and Culture Commission (ACC) meeting on July 14 will review the findings of the 2019 “Listening Tour” report.

In June 2019, the city’s Fine Art Commission became the Beverly Hills Arts and Culture Commission. In October of the same year, the newly formed ACC organized a “kick-off” event to launch the Arts and Cultural Expansion Initiative, or the “Listening Tour.”

The initiative “seeks to increase the visibility of arts and culture, expand awareness of cultural facilities and spaces, and encourage more arts and cultural activities in Beverly Hills,” a report from arts management consultants Karen Constine and Jessica Cusick explains. 

During a four-month period, the city’s arts and culture stakeholders provided input on preferred future programs and current needs. The ACC also conducted a survey to obtain input from community members.

The survey found that a majority of participants “have indicated an interest in the idea of establishing a signature festival or event for Beverly Hills.” 32 percent of respondents said their priority would be the creation of a festival.

There was no indication on what type of festival would be preferred with suggestions ranging from an international cultural festival to a theater or film festival.

52 percent of the 81 people participating in the survey identified themselves as “arts and culture supporters such as arts advocates, board members, and collectors.” 62 percent are primarily residents of Beverly Hills. 

Most of the participants are active consumers of arts and culture. 80 percent said they “attend performing arts events,” and 62 percent said they “visit galleries and public art installations.” 

69 of the 81 participants also said they would like to see an increase in performing arts activities (theater, dance, concerts) in the city, while 63 said the same about visual arts activities (fine art, public art, art shows). 

Participants also indicated places in the city where new cultural events could take place or existing arts and culture facilities that could be expanded. 58 percent said they “would like to see arts and cultural activities throughout the city rather than concentrated in the central business district.”

The ACC meets at 10 a.m. on July 14 and will consider the data found in the report.