HOLLYWOOD—Just when “Survivor” fans thought we had ENOUGH twists in the first episode of season 41, think again because a new idol was introduced in this second episode and wow, it’s a game changer to say the least people. We got the aftermath of that crazed Tribal Council from last week’s episode of “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘Juggling Chainsaws’ saw the UA tribe in scrambles. Brad attempted to prove himself by rushing to the water well to spy on Ricard and JD. What the hell is Brad up to? Is he the new Tony Vlachos 2.0?

Brad suspects JD has an idol, he doesn’t, he has an extra vote, but Brad you did just tell Shan and Genie that you were going to follow them to the water well. Shan spilled to Ricard and he is totally painting a target on himself not bright. Over at Luvu, Deshawn was busy attempting to start fire, but Naseer took over and proved to be worthy for the tribe. Back at Yase, Tiffany didn’t seem to have too much energy, and the tribe was focused on surviving without much food. Xander and Liana started to look for the others, but Xander wanted an advantage and he found one. It was the Beware advantage, which if he takes IT he must do what it says or he can leave it.

It is a three-way shared immunity idol, however, it can ONLY be used if the immunity idol has been found by the others at the other camps. You have to communicate in code. Yeah, this twist is complicated and crazy, why, Xander cannot VOTE until the other people on the other tribes locate theirs. Evvie is double dipping, playing with Voce and Xander and bonding with Tiffany and Liana. She’s smart people. So Xander has an extra vote, so we could be looking at a tie at next TC if they lose. Evvie is showing that she is a strong player people.

An immunity challenge was in play that involved swimming and a puzzle, yet again. Damn I do get tired of the puzzles sometimes. So no double TC this time around, the two teams who complete the puzzle will get some fishing supplies. Yase really struggled on this challenged, as Tiffany could NOT get across that beam, but Liana made up for a lot of loss time and it was anyone’s game to lose at this point people. Luvu got first place again; that is going to be a tough team to beat. UA was struggling giving Yase a chance, but nope, UA pulled out the win, so Yase is about to lose another tribe member people!

Luvu was forced to choose one person from Yase to go on this journey and the other person was Deshawn. Hmm, interesting twist because Luvu could have sent someone from UA if they wanted too, and the fact that Deshawn was so eager to go would have raised blinders for me people. Tiffany did her best to apologize for her poor performance, and Tiffany was cocky, and Voce and Xander wanted Tiffany out. Voce pleaded his case to Liana that it may not be a bad idea to let Tiffany go. Blindsiding Xander would be great, but it’s apparent that Liana and Tiffany are not good strategists people.

Evvie was scared about living her tribe before Tribal Council where both did the same as last week trekking up a mountain and she noted she was NOT risking her vote and threw a bone to Deshawn. However, if it is another vote risk this is going to become boring very fast people. Evvie you’re spilling a bit too much about Xander, but I loved the tactic of her telling Deshawn how the idol works. Evvie gave too much for me people; it’s a gamble, a dangerous one. The three ladies chatted and wanted to get out Xander, but Tiffany wanted to do other plans. Yeah, this woman is NOT a great player, even though these women are trying to protect her. She’s a liability, toss her out people.

Jeff Probst talking to the audience I don’t like, please stop it. Damn I forgot about ‘The Shot in the Dark’ option. Xander is smarter than people are giving him credit for. I can definitely see him in the game for the long haul and so far from what I’m seeing he’s looking like an underdog people. Yase is a terrible tribe, Voce was voted out and it was apparent that Xander was on the bottom, but I can absolutely see a swap happening people. Next week looks like plenty of fun “Survivor” fanatics!