HOLLYWOOD—I will admit last week’s Tribal Council on “Survivor 42” was an entertaining one, not one of the best I’ve seen in the franchise, that is still an honor for ‘David vs. Goliath’ when John was taken out in a literal blindside that had me screaming at the TV screen. However, Vati certainly delivered the fireworks people. This week’s episode, ‘Vibe of the Tribe’ witnessed Chanelle and Mike dealing with Daniel’s betrayal, and Hai and Lydia recovering from learning the people they thought they could trust they cannot.

Vati was an absolute mess, and the fact that Daniel is attempting to rewrite this history and not wanting to chat about the incident, but Chanelle made it clear she was betrayed and Hai was blindsided as well. Hai explained his reasoning for changing his vote, and it was apparent Hai is a smarter player than people know. Mike realized he needed to adapt his game and made an agreement to work with Hai and Lydia.

Mike confronted Daniel about betraying him , and the guy is in hot water and he deserves it people. We have a reward challenge people where the winners will get 10 pieces of fish. Taku was dominant again and Jonathan pointing out the cohesion of his tribe is NOT good, as people on other tribes will see as a major threat people. Omar and Maryanne were upset that Jonathan placed a target on their backs with the other tribes. While harmony was going well at Taku, over at Ika, Rocksroy was constantly getting on everyone’s nerves people, especially Romeo.

Swati wanted to make a power move to take out Drea and eliminate her extra vote, Tori was on board, but really didn’t want to work with Rocksroy who is annoying everyone at the camp. Tori is making leeway with Rocksroy letting it be known that Drea has an extra vote that he was NOT aware of. Hmm, looks like Rocksroy doesn’t trust Tori and he spilled that tea and now a target is on her back people.

Maryanne continued to reiterate that phrase hoping to activate her idol, but Mike was NOT budging and we know Ika hasn’t found theirs just yet. Taku was victorious once again at the Immunity Challenge, and it was a battle between Vati and Ika, and Chanelle and Lydia pulled out the victory. So Ika is headed to TC and this should be an interesting one people.

Rocksroy was frustrated that the tribe lost, just as Tori and Romeo bonded over a bit of tea that was shared about Swati. So it’s Tori for Swati and Drea, Rocksroy and Romeo in the power position, but again, Rocksroy is very stubborn. So the friction erupted at the Tribal Council as Swati and Tori threw each other under the bus about targeting Drea.

Drea knew she was in danger, and Romeo questioned rather Drea might utilize her second vote. This actually feels like a straightforward vote if I’m being honest people, Swati was obvious the moment we first came to the Ika tribe during the episode. Wow, another Shot in the Dark was played. That is 3 times this season already, compared to once last season. No surprise, Swati was NOT SAFE!

Swati was sent packing and we already know it was Rocksroy who voted for Tori because Swati couldn’t vote. Hmm, this could be interesting people as it seems like we have a 3 against 1 majority on the tribe. Will say this week’s episode was a bit slower; not as exciting as last week’s episode.

I’m really looking forward to the merge to see how the game shifts when all these tribes come together. We currently have a total of 13 players remaining, which makes me think we have at least 1 to 2 more boots before the merge people. Until next week “Survivor 42” fanatics!