HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s two-hour episode of the merge on “Survivor 42” was fantastic. Still not a fan of that hourglass twist, but I think this season might be the last time we see it. This week’s episode, ‘You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt,’ saw that group of eight wondering who could and who could NOT be trusted. Mike is speaking as if he was the mastermind and that is never a good thing. Chanelle realized she was on the outs, as Hai tried to lie and he was not doing well. Chanelle knows she is in danger people. Romeo was also livid that Drea betrayed him.

That is going to hurt Drea I think long-term because she is going to need Romeo, and he is going to be the one to take her out. Maryanne also realized she was on the outs because Lindsay came to her and confessed her move and we got a heartwarming moment from Maryanne continuing to give her that underdog edit people. We had an advantage placed again at a reward challenge on a bench, but it was a new beware advantage people. It would be more fun if Jeff didn’t tell us it was there, and the players just looked for it, as they have done in the past.

The person sitting out was Maryanne, so she has the opportunity to find the advantage on the bench, but that was until Drea decided to sit out. Something tells me she knew an advantage was at her finger tips people. As aware Drea, found the advantage and took the risk even though it said ‘Beware.’ It was a battle between Omar and Jonathan, with Omar off to an amazing lead, but Jonathan proved to be a beast people, if these people DO NOT TAKE THIS GUY OUT THEY ARE IDIOTS.

So Tori and Chanelle the two at the bottom get to mingle with Rocksroy, Jonathan and Mike who are aligned, I’m dying to know what this new advantage or disadvantage is people. Good to know the merge tribe is named Kula Kula, Jonathan is just showing more and more the beast that he is. Lindsay, people want rewards and saying I’m ok not winning food, that is going to peeve people. Targets for the upcoming Tribal Council could be Tori, Chanelle and Romeo. Omar is playing a devious game, so he needs to be careful because if those on the bottom start to talk they will realize what he is up to.

Why are people searching for idols? There are three already in the game NOT played, there will not four in play. Drea learned about a secret advantage at the water well near a coconut and she had to be certain that NO ONE CATCHES her. She spots a broken coconut and discovers a hole with something covered in red paint, she didn’t want to be caught and I loved the notion of paint on the skin being obvious for others.

The KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ADVANTAGE. Ugh this again, she knows where the idols are people and she can ask both Maryanne and Mike for their idol and she has it. This girl is loaded with advantages and she can literally cakewalk herself to the end, but she better be damn careful of talking. This is interesting, as Tori spotted ‘red blood’ on Drea’s arm. This is glorious I’m so glad to see Tori spotted that and she found something in Drea’s pants. Good notification Tori, and she warned Maryanne and that was great! Oh, this is delicious TV people. Drea looks like you got caught red-handed.

So this Immunity Challenge involves a bit of negotiation, where Jeff was willing to offer rice for 4 days if the group has at least 6 players sit out, but he was willing to offer the rice for only 4 players. This IC was all about balance and focus. The jury phase is underway as Jeff made it clear, so how you vote people out. A smart player would realize who is willing to sacrifice their game and who might be aligned. Lindsay stepped right away, so did Drea, Mike was at the right number with 4. Maryanne offered, which I don’t think was smart. Maryanne put on the waterworks to manipulate knowing she is at the bottom sacrificing for food which worked for Omar.

Jonathan is starting to annoy me just a tad; it would be nice to see him voted out people. So Chanelle, Tori, Jonathan, Hai, Romeo, Rocksroy and Mike all competed. Hai, Rocksroy, Romeo and Mike dropped within 2-3 minutes of the comp starting people. Please anyone, but Jonathan America. Damn out of nowhere Chanelle drops her ball. I swear if Jeff was NOT talking it would be so easy to focus and Tori won her second Individual Immunity Challenge causing another ripple in the eight’s plan to vote people out. Sorry Drea, looks like you’re not getting your wish.

Chanelle was aware she was in danger, and Romeo’s paranoia was paying off. He realized something was off and he didn’t like that. He questioned Drea’s allegiance as well as Rocks, and he was 100 percent right. Tori alerted Romeo his name is out there. Romeo picked up on that information, and it placed a target on his back. Hai and Omar are trying too hard to be in control and being in control can be dangerous. Mike wanted Chanelle out the game, but Mike when you have an eight, at some point, you have to turn on that eight, Chanelle could be a number you can pick up if you were thinking smarter.

At the Tribal Council, Tori realized a group is operation and that she was not part of that and Hai made it crystal clear he was the core in the group. I know Romeo picked up on that as well as other players in the game. This car analogy was just plain stupid. Hai is coming across cocky and if I’m being honest I cannot wait to see him receive his comeuppance it might be glorious TV to witness people. It was apparent that Chanelle was getting the boot and Maryanne was shocked by the boot. It became clear Chanelle might be a bitter juror. Ok, I don’t want to see a steamroll people and that is what it is starting to feel like. Some advantages need to be played.

Well there is some fun next week as we have two people winning immunity and two people being voted out. What is this fun? Well it is apparent there is going to be a two Tribal Councils, where the group will split (5 and 5) and I wonder if the eight will fracture as a result. We need a shakeup people until next week “Survivor 42.”