HOLLYWOOD—Last week we saw another member of Ratu bit the dust on the latest season of “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ exposed Tika as being aligned with Soka and all bets were off for alliances. Frannie was upset at Danny for not voting for Jaime so she felt slighted by her so called alliance. Uh-oh, this doesn’t bode well for Heidi and Yam Yam, which means an opportunity for Lauren and Jaime to reel in Frannie.

Carson was bragging about knowing the plan, and he tried to do damage control by using her ‘idol’ that doesn’t even count. Hmm, Carson you’re coming across a bit cocky, not good for the audience perception of you and you’re getting an edit that bodes not so well for your final chances. This reward challenge offers food and letters from their loved ones. Jeez, Frannie just dominated this challenge with quick ease. She dusted everyone.

The big decision that might really impact the game was Frannie’s opportunity to pick 2 other people to join her. She immediately selected Carolyn after that story she shared about missing her son. The other person she selected was Lauren who hasn’t eaten and was missing her child. Yeah, it is a game, but Jeff threw in another twist, giving Frannie the opportunity to pick one more person, and she chose Heidi.

So it was all ladies, leaving Danny, Yam Yam, Carson and Jaime to head back to camp empty handed. This edit is totally making me think Frannie could be in trouble people. Immediately, Yam Yam utilized his time to speak with Danny and Jaime to plot against Frannie. Hmm, sounds like bitterness, more than strategy people. Lauren’s story just gave me the chills, the same with Carolyn reading her letter from her son. Some strategy started to come into play as Frannie, Lauren and Carolyn wanted to target Danny, but it was obvious for the other women that Heidi is tied to Danny.

Oh, this is going to be interesting very interesting people. Back at camp, the others were scared of Carolyn, and Jaime spilled she has no idol. Cane was voted out with her idol. Danny doesn’t believe it, but guess what Danny it is 100 PERCENT TRUE! So possible targets this episode: Danny, Frannie or Jaime. Jaime shared that information with the other ladies, who didn’t believe it. Gosh these characters are so damn stupid! This season started off strong, but it is slowly boring me the momentum has died down in a gargantuan way.

Oh, this Immunity Challenge seems brutal. Danny had a massive advantage over the other contestants. So much for Danny’s lead as everyone got to the puzzle, which proves puzzles are not easy for Danny. Carson made plenty of progress, followed by Frannie, but she was no match for Carson who is a puzzle genius but he made a mistake giving Frannie major progress people, but Carson managed to edge out the win. Yeah, Frannie’s edit is giving boot episode; she is doing way too much.

Danny pitched to Lauren, Jaime and Yam Yam to take Frannie out. Carson and Yam Yam are worried about Carolyn being blindsided by voting out Frannie. Danny clued Heidi about Frannie being voted out. The fact that Danny told Heidi he didn’t even need her number and that conversation was spilled to Carolyn. Yeah, Heidi that was tea that was not to be spilled, so it caused chaos to erupt people. Lauren, Jaime, Frannie and Carolyn were thinking of blindsiding Heidi unaware that she has an idol. Oh, this could be a fun bomb and potential blindside in the game.

I like chaos, I don’t want a simple vote; a simple vote is boring. So thank you Heidi for oversharing and Danny for showcasing your ego yet again! Jeff kicked off the Tribal Council by placing a target on Frannie’s back. Wow, the quote for the episode came from Jeff Probst and not one of the actual contestants: interesting. Jaime what the hell are you doing by bringing up your idol at TC, it caused smoke and mirrors to be confident that Jaime might be lying! Literally, that had to be one of the dumbest moves I can recall seeing in TC history in a very long time people.

The Danny and Lauren relationship came into play which was another nod to what chaos could erupt. Then you have Carson throwing out information causing more paranoia in the game people. Wow, I really thought Heidi or Danny might get the boot, but nope it was Frannie. Guess what, Carolyn was not pleased with Carson or Yam Yam. Carolyn is NOT HAPPY people, this move could totally hurt Yam Yam and Carson, and they have no idea that she has an idol that she can play. That is crazy that Heidi and Carolyn were left out of the vote. I cannot wait to next week because it looks like Carolyn unfiltered is about to be unleashed and Carson will have a target on his back at last. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!