HOLLYWOOD—Two weeks in a row we’ve had good episodes on the latest season of “Survivor.” The question that is still up in the air is rather that will last. This week’s episode, ‘Sneaky Little Snake’ saw the aftermath of Carson aligning with Carolyn and Yam Yam on Tika and how Sarah realized she was on the wrong side of the vote.

Carson was reveling in his blindside of Helen, but at the same time he’s a bit too confident and that could be dangerous. He realizes he has to work on repairing that bond with Sarah, and Sarah pegged him as a very dangerous player who she has to watch out for. Over at Ratu, the five were singing tunes courtesy of Kane as the morale was up because of their victory. We have now learned that Kane is a bit of a geek, while we discovered that Brandon is a jack-of-all-trades catching fish for his tribe. Back at Soka, Matt and Frannie are still closer than ever, which is magnifying that target on their backs people. Danny, Claire, Josh and Heidi aligned to become a foursome against Matt and Frannie.

Danny is sneaky. He used his silver coin as a decoy to present it as an idol, but guess what, it is not an idol. Whoever finds that key and thinks they’re safe is going to be in for a stunner when they discover the truth. Danny’s move is sinister, but I absolutely love it because I would do the same thing people. Sarah have a bit of confidence in the Tika tribe because the thought of you not winning a challenge, means, you will NOT win a challenge.

Back at Soka, everyone, but Danny were searching for the key to the cage, unaware of the trap that has been set. Matt of all people found the key and unlocked the cage and was quite excited, but little does he know the trap that has been set, and Danny knew Matt found the key and called him out in front of Josh, and he shared that news with Josh, who didn’t see Frannie and Matt as targets.

Matt you’re sharing too much because three other people know about it and Danny noted to Heidi that Matt is up to no good. Ok, I’d like to see more strategy and not goofy laughs and people eating worms. Jamie and Matthew bonded over their love of the outdoors, and something was discovered, it was an Immunity Idol by the water well. However, in a flashback we learned that Matthew FOUND THE REAL IDOL days ago, and he made a fake idol and is toying with Jamie.

Wow, the level of deceptive gameplay this season is phenomenal. First Danny, now we have Matthew, I love this people! The players for season 44 are here to play the game. Jeff called out Claire for not competing in an Immunity Challenge for the third time this season. Yeah, Jeff doesn’t seem to like Claire people because he called her out last week as well. How about the producers implement a rule that you cannot sit out on consecutive challenges.

Ratu had an early lead followed by Soka and Tika in dead last, but that means nothing in this game people. Matthew was having some serious trouble with his shoulder, but it soon became a challenge of mental strength to solve a complicated puzzle without repeating colors on any side. Ratu was the first to solve the puzzle soon followed by both Soka and Tika studying Ratu’s puzzle to figure out what they did wrong, and Tika was victorious.

Oh this is going to be fun; I’ve wanted Soka to head to Tribal Council people. Let’s see how Danny’s plan unfolds people. Matt thinks he has an idol, Frannie thinks she’s safe, but the truth is that Danny has the idol, so who is going to be the target. Does the audience realize for the first time in I can remember, each tribe has gone to tribal council and lost a player. Jeez, I forgot Matt can’t vote, so only 5 votes are going to be cast people.

Now the chaos begins, as Claire sitting out has made her a liability people. Josh realized that it was not good to go against the tribe and target Matt. Claire started to throw out targeting Matt to Frannie. Interesting, as Frannie wants Claire in the game, and take out Josh. Claire was not happy to hear that Danny and Josh wanted to target her. So it’s all up to Heidi who is close to Danny, and Claire confided to Heidi that she needed her vote.

Heidi confessed to Danny that Josh is the target and he was not happy. Heidi is closer to Claire than to Josh, but you all keep talking about Claire being a weak link, guess what, you haven’t competed with her to know her value as she hasn’t participated in any of the damn challenges. So guess what? She is the weak link get rid of her. I will admit Josh has felt like the most purple character the entire season. Jeff was not afraid to poke the bear, as Claire admitted people have been playing for a while.

Heidi deflected over the fact that the vote was geared towards TWO people not everyone in the tribe. The fact that Matt and Frannie are comfortable but so obvious that the tribe of six should be aiming to take one of them out; why are they not doing it? Yeah, this feels like smoke and mirrors, and I have that gut that Josh is about to get the boot and the editors didn’t do a good job of masking it. Well, well, Claire played her Shot in the Dark, but is she safe? Nope, so only 4 votes were cast people and it was obvious Claire was goner, getting all 4 votes.

Not a smart move for Danny or Heidi, because it’s now 2 vs. 2, and Josh is closer to Matt and Frannie. We’re getting a twist that is expected to shake up the game, as an ‘X’ on the cage is a sign that an idol has been found, and Jeff has hinted at something that will change the game. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!