HOLLYWOOD—Last week was the first episode of “Survivor 44” where I felt after 3-4 episodes that didn’t deliver found a way to reel me back in with the first TRUE Tribal Council that saw an fun blindside. This week’s episode, ‘Under the Wing of a Dragon’ saw our final 9 continuing to fight for power as regroupings and alliances and trust were questioned once again.

The aftermath of last week’s blindside was front and center Lauren and Jaime played it up like they were ok, but it was apparent they were seething. Yam Yam was fun at first, but he is starting to become a bit annoying. The antics are only funny for so long. Kane realized that Brandon being outed gave him a wake-up call to play the game. Kane started to hunt for an idol, as did Danny. The fact that so many players are aware idols being in circulation as soon as one is played is just slightly frustrated.

Danny was trying to be subtle, but it was no secret to anyone that he was hunting for an idol. Jaime, girl you ONLY have 1 idol, the other idol is an absolute fake people. Danny didn’t find the idol; it was Heidi who located the idol. The downtime was Carolyn’s favorite time of the game, as she shared her tale of being 13 years sober. The realness of Carolyn is the reason she is hands down my favorite character of this season easily. This episode has been quite slow, as it looks like the game is about to throw the iconic, who is willing to sacrifice safety for food. This is starting to feel like a gimmick each season where you have these staple challenges and the ‘negotiation’ IMMUNITY CHALLENGE has become another one people.

Danny refused to sit out for rice, and so did Lauren. Yeah, that is smart. Your life is on the line; do you want rice or do you want to win $1 million? For me it would be no question, its $1 million. Wow, this challenge of balance is going to be extra hard with pouring rain and wind. Heidi brought up the conditions, with Carson and Lauren willing to sit out. Jeff wanted four people, um, Heidi, you threw it out there, you should sit out as well. Danny said he wouldn’t vote for the sit out (really?). I trust Carolyn, but not Danny. Jaime considered sitting out, but after Kane informed her not to risk it if she doesn’t trust it, she decided to fight for safety.

Heidi, Carson, Lauren and Kane say for rice, let’s see if those four are actually safe people. So Yam Yam, Jaime, Danny, Frannie and Carolyn competed for immunity. Carolyn and Jaime both found themselves out, followed by Yam Yam as Frannie and Danny fought for the win. Jeff please shut the ‘F’ up. Let the players focus! Frannie won her second individual immunity, and something is hinting at a Ratu going home again tonight. Oh, if we don’t have a shakeup I’m not sure how much fun this season that started off strong is going to be.

Let the strategizing begin as the rice left so many people ecstatic that they could finally eat. Kane realized that Danny’s word meant nothing. So obvious, Tika and Soka have aligned as they want to take Ratu out one by one, and they wanted to flush out Jaime’s idol, but they don’t realize that Jaime has a fake idol and a real idol people. Lauren wants Danny for vengeance; this move by Tika could be dangerous people. Dammit, I just realized Jaime doesn’t EVEN HAVE AN IDOL! She lost that when they merged. At least Jaime won’t have egg on her face when she tries to play the idol; it’s going to be Kane. Lauren has her extra vote that she is willing to play on Heidi as she realized.

Frannie realized that Tika is floating in the middle and wanted to take one of them out. Frannie is playing the game smart she sees them doing nothing by floating to the end. Carolyn was not up to take out Kane; it is personal. Carolyn wants Danny out for personal reasons. This might actually be a fun Tribal Council America. Starting TC with 15 minutes left to spare, this could be quite fun. Danny is an intriguing character, because he’ll lie in a heartbeat. Danny you were eating that rice weren’t you.

Wow, the whispering starts, as Frannie and Kane alerted Carolyn and then Yam Yam, then Lauren gets up to chat, followed by Jaime. This constant whispering and all this movement annoys me to the core. All this and I still think Kane is about to go home. Jaime used the extra vote on whom: Heidi. Guess it’s a good thing Jaime didn’t play that fake idol. So obvious, but at least Jaime and Lauren are now aware that Yam Yam, Carolyn and Carson cannot be trusted based on the vote, because we know Jaime used the extra vote for Danny, and I’m sure Ratu voted as a unit.

So that idol was not flushed, it went home with Kane and good thing, so no embarrassment comes into play. Looks like Tika is starting to fracture next week and the notion of alliances are thrown out the window. I cannot wait to see either a Soka or Tika getting the boot next week. Until next week, “Survivor” fanatics!