HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of season 46 of “Survivor” before the season finale next week. For the third consecutive time we saw a player go out of the game with an idol in their pocket, with Venus getting the boot last week. This week’s episode, ‘Mama Bear’ witnessed our Final Six looking at the endgame and who they could or could not defeat. Q was pleased to see Venus out, but with his ego, I’m ready for Q to go, and Ben, you stupidly admitted to Kenzie that you voted for her. Not good Ben, that is going to bite you in the butt.

Oh, Maria get over it. I was so happy to see Venus drag you at that Tribal Council. You so deserved it for your behavior. You put up a farce with that Pizza Reward Challenge, Venus called a spade a spade and I was glad to see it transpire. Pride is the worst of all the deadly sins Maria because it leads to all the others, and you’re showing that right now.

Could we see Ben go out via a medical evacuation at the Final Six? It is starting to feel like that. The editing is absolutely setting up Kenzie potentially winning this game if it comes down to one vote because she’s showing compassion to a player at a time when others are not. Charlie is starting to think endgame, but it might be a little too late. You have been Maria’s lapdog, and this late in the game it is too difficult to convince the jury in my opinion.

This reward challenge felt like an Immunity Challenge, but the victor would receive something great, a letter from home in addition to Chinese takeout at the Sanctuary. Maria, Q and Charlie were first to get to the maze. Charlie was the victor and got the opportunity to select a few others, I’m hoping Liz and Kenzie joins him. Liz was his first option, and Kenzie was the second choice. Yes, Maria wanted to hear from her child, but you have to think about those who haven’t gotten to eat, and Kenzie and Liz have not. Maria you could have chosen Charlie last week and she didn’t.

If the editors are tying to get the audience to root for Charlie, it just isn’t working for me. Liz realized that Maria is a bigger threat than Q and it is something that Charlie has to consider. Kenzie wants her out, Liz wants her out, and Charlie is looking to blindside his ally at the next TC, but I suspect him taking her out, will be his demise in the game.

Yup, Maria, Ben and Q were searching for the idol, which Charlie suspected did not EXIST, he’d be wrong. Are you kidding me? It was Q of all people who located the Hidden Immunity Idol, so even if he loses the Immunity Challenge he is safe. Q told Maria about his idol, but I think that was a mistake, we shall see. Maria, Q was right, Charlie was trying to pull a fast one with the girls, and it looks like the two allies are becoming frenemies. I like this battle between these two as the game is sort of exciting once again. Wow, these two are so clueless, they are targeting each other, but the other truly has no idea, when is the last time you’ve seen this unfold in “Survivor.”

A water immunity challenge, could be fun, but who will have the edge when it comes to a dolphin puzzle? Maria pulled out the lead and was the first at the puzzle. Ben was doing quite well at this puzzle. Out of nowhere, Maria picked up that steam extensively and everyone was literally sitting and watching as Maria claimed her third individual Immunity victory. So much for that blindside Charlie. Looks, like Maria and Q are safe tonight, so who is going home? Charlie, Kenzie, Liz or Ben.

Q pitched to Maria to take a shot at Charlie while he is vulnerable at the moment. Liz and Kenzie seemed stunned at the notion of Charlie being booted from the game. Liz and Kenzie think Q is getting the boot, but the game of bamboozle is about to have everyone looking stumped. Charlie you should have NEVER pitched booting Q, that is a bad move because you gave her the ammunition to tell Q to play his idol to save himself.

If Q doesn’t play his idol, OMG this will be historic season because four players would have gone home with an idol in their pocket. Do players not realize you can’t think of the end game if you’re not there to play it. Theatrics, are we actually getting some at this Tribal Council. The jury feels like they don’t care about any of the players remaining in the game that does not bode well. I want to hear some drama, not all this laughter it is not making me excited, not a single bit. We haven’t heard from Q at all? Liz you are raising a red flag I think with your conversation.

We literally have seen every single vote, so I’m stunned with what “Survivor” has planned here because I have never witnessed such a thing transpire before in “Survivor.” OMG, Q are you kidding me, you had the chance to save yourself and you didn’t play your freaking idol. Four people, four players have all gone home when they could have saved themselves. Perhaps the rules on idols should be changed to really shake the game because when all the votes are shown it’s pretty much a given.

Oh, I think Charlie is feeling the heat that he is in danger after earning two votes. This literally has been the most anti-climactic season of “Survivor” ever. With that said, ONLY one person deserves to win: Maria. It is near impossible to make a case for anyone else in the game who deserves it. Next week, a winner is crowned and if it is Ben, Charlie or Liz I am going to be sick to my stomach. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!