HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been eagerly waiting for the season finale of the 33rd season, yes, 33rd season of “Survivor.” The latest outing on the reality-competition series, ‘Millennials v. Gen X’ saw some of the best strategist to play the game go toe-to-toe. One week, you’re rooting for this character, the next week that character takes a surprising exit. There have been plenty of blindsides this season, not to mention the usage of several hidden immunity idols to change the game in ways many fans never expected.

In the end, we had six remaining: David, Ken, Adam, Hannah, Jay and Bret. Out of the six, I’ve been rooting between David, Adam and Jay all season, undeniable underdogs who’ve battled to get to the final six, in a game where survival is no easy feat, unless you have immunity. Back at camp, it was apparent that Bret was not happy to see David still in the game, Jay was adamant about finding an idol, just as David realized the target on his back is so huge, that he decided to ‘create’ a hidden immunity idol to shake up his competitors. Wow, pure genius people, genius!

Man, what David has crafted is game-changing, and Jay totally fell for the bait, not aware that it was a trick. The first immunity challenge proved to be a relay race with a bit of strategy, that seemed to have Ken, Jay or Adam’s name written all over it. It looked like Jay had an edge on the bat puzzle, but everyone managed to catch up, and it was a duel between Jay, Bret and Adam, but David won individual immunity!

Jay chose to steal David’s reward to have the steak dinner, and brought Adam along the way. So are we looking at an alliance with the best 3 players in the game, against Ken, Bret and Hannah? It’s an interesting move of strategy on Jay’s part. Jay produced a convincing argument that Bret has many friends on the jury and taking him out would be beneficial. Adam was sold on taking out Jay, while Hannah and David weren’t sold on Jay, and instead wanted Bret.

It was a heated tribal council, where Jay played the ‘fake idol,’ but discovered he had been hoodwinked. Jay was stunned by the outcome, but Ken changed the game by playing his legacy advantage, which allowed him an automatic immunity. Wow, how did Ken, spot that he could have been a threat. What is worse is that Ken played his advantage when he didn’t have too at all! The jury looked stunned by the result.

With the snap of a finger, the final 5 would soon become the final 4 as another immunity challenge raised the odds for our survivors. Bret looks like a serious threat getting an early advantage against his competitors, but Ken, Adam and David were giving the underdog a battle.

Well Ken doll, managed to edge out the win, which means Bret, Adam, David or Hannah were about to pack their bags people. Adam went hunting for an idol to ensure that he has the ability to take out David before David can take him out. David pitched the idea to take out Adam before he could take him out. Well, David things are not good because Adam found another idol so he’s not going home tonight.

Hannah found herself in a power position, as the fireworks between David and Adam were going back and forth, so who will survive and who will vanish in the game. Bret was playing, Adam was playing, Hannah was playing, Adam played his idol and it was a battle between Bret and David, and Adam and Bret were both stunned with Hannah’s decision to take out Bret and keep David in the game. This final immunity challenge was one of endurance and strategy to balance over 12 pillars. In the end it was a battle between Ken and Hannah to make it to the final three, with David and Adam forced to patiently watch; their fate in the hands of their allies.

Jeez, this was gut-wrenching to watch because I have no idea what Ken or Hannah would do if they made it to the end. Man, Ken is a beast in these competitions. Which has me wondering if it’s possible if Ken could be the winner of this season? I mean he has done an amazing job competing, but was he ever a real threat. Not in my opinion. Yet again, the battle is between David and Adam, and Hannah was hoping to use her charm to win over Ken’s vote to sway him to vote out his loyal ally.

Ken, who has not played the most strategic game, would be smart to take out David, but could loyalty prove to be one’s downfall. The most important tribal council, with Adam and David taking spars at each other, but I think David’s pitch made him a bigger threat then he imagined. The final vote proved the moment that Ken would make a bold move. He took out his ally, but I think at the same time he may have given the game to Adam.

The Final Tribal Council was full of fireworks people as the jury questioned Hannah, Adam and Ken. Whoa, Hannah and Adam were going at it people, and Hannah was quite composed to say the least. Man the jury was not holding any punches; Zeke was concerned about strategy not loyalty. Adam’s ability to utilize the waterworks on Jay to convince him why he should win was genius, and what I loved is that Adam didn’t actually confess why he was playing the game at the moment. Seeing Chris convince the jury that Adam deserved the win was quite difficult; it was clear who was probably going to win the game.

However, I sensed, when Adam finally confessed to the jury at the end that he was playing the game for his mother, he absolutely sealed the deal in winning survivor. I can’t see at this moment how he could lose. After nearly 2 hours of waiting, the votes were read to a live audience and a winner was crowned. By a vote of 10-0 Adam was the winner. Wow, a sweep, but definitely a worthy winner. If anyone deserved the win next to David, it was Adam, who fought valiantly to survive in a game that was no easy feat. It might have been one of the worthiest winner of the game in years, Adam’s emotional journey and confession that his mother passed right after he returned home from the game, left me speechless.

Well done, can’t wait till season 34 “Survivor” fanatics!