HOLLYWOOD—When Susan Flannery is in a scene, you know that it’s going to be an exciting half-hour on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When Bradley P. Bell, the Emmy-winning head writer and executive producer in 2009 and 2010, decides he’s going to deliver a groundbreaking and exciting storyline, you know that as a “B&B” viewer, that you are in for a treat. Almost 40 million viewers per day tune in to the series that is more exciting than ever.

Ms. Flannery has won several Emmys and a Golden Globe for her distinguished work in the acting field. However, it’s Stephanie Forrester, the role she embodies currently, that fans are talking about. From the CBS hit drama “Dallas” to the acclaimed award-winning film “The Towering Inferno,” Susan has now landed the role of a lifetime. Fans and viewers learned a couple of weeks ago that Stephanie has stage four lung cancer. We knew that this would be a bumpy ride for Stephanie, because after battling heart attacks, strokes and the sexiest woman in the Western World, Brooke Logan, she just had to reach her limit.

When Stephanie learned of her diagnosis, she didn’t waste time for pity and sorrow on herself. She made a “bucket list” of dreams to accomplish before her time finally arrives. From a sliding board in the formal Forrester Bel Air mansion living room, to going for a ride on a roller coaster at the Santa Monica Pier, Stephanie has been trying to enjoy her last days.

The problem she faces is that her longtime enemy and current daughter-in-law Brooke learned of Stephanie’s diagnosis on the same day the matriarch of the Forrester clan learned of it. She’s been Stephanie’s shadow and conscious for weeks, begging her to tell the family of her impending death and unwillingness to fight with radiation or chemo treatments. The maverick dame of Bel Air would not let us down, nor will the actress who portrays her, or the genius who creates the storylines for the hit series.

On Monday, October 18, look for this storyline to be kicked into high gear, when Stephanie’s daughter Felicia, who won her battle against colon cancer shows up in town to support her mother. Felicia is played by 2001 Emmy award-winning supporting actress Lesli Kay, whose run on “As The World Turns” came to an end when the show ended. Kay credits her “B&B” Emmy nod in 2007 to the creative genius of Bradley P. Bell and his talented team of writers.

Susan Flannery’s work can only improve when her acting partners are Kay, Lang and Moss. Fans are excited about the idea of seeing Stephanie win another battle. This one being her most serious yet and hopefully the motivation to live will win out. Fans are praying her peers are watching her amazing work on daytime’s most exciting continuing drama.

Susan Flannery deserves the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama for her divine work already in this very engaging storyline. Bradley P. Bell, you’ve done it again.

Photographs are Courtesy: Gilles Toucas for Bell Phillip Television Productions