MALIBU—On Friday, August 7, William Russell Hix, 33, was arrested due to suspicions activity of child annoyance and lewd acts towards children.

Hix is a transient who had a previous address located in Bel Air. The first incident involved a young girl who contacted the authorities when Hix came into contact with her brother. On August 4, the girl reported to authorities that Hix had approached her 14-year-old brother and told him “to put the condom on the suspect”, as stated in a news release.

According to authorities, after the incident between the young girl and her brother, they investigated the suspect further. They found several posts on social media and on Craigslist in regards to Hix. The posts included pictures of the suspect.

A few days later, four female victims ranging between the ages of 14 and 15 reported to police their encounters with Hix. It was not specified whether they were approached by Hix on a bus in Malibu or on a beach. The suspect approached the teenage victims and made lewd comments towards their attire, as they were clothed in bikinis. The suspect also made sexual remarks to the teenagers.

On August 7, at around 1:30 p.m. authorities received a phone call from a Calabasas resident who reported that they had seen the suspect who was mentioned on social media. Hix was found and arrested in a park on the 3700 block of Lost Hills Road in Calabasas. He was arrested on five misdemeanors and will appear in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, August 10.

Authorities are asking for anyone with more information about the suspect to contact the Malibu/Lost Hills station at (818) 878-1808.