WEST HOLLYWOOD—Officials from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department arrested two suspects suspected of multiple car burglaries in the West Hollywood area on Friday, September 28. At 11:52 p.m. undercover deputies witnessed a wanted suspect break into two cars parked alongside Melrose Avenue and Almont Drive during a surveillance operation.

In a press release posted to the LASD’s Facebook page, deputies observed one suspect break into a parked car and remove items from inside. The suspect then handed the items to another suspect, who then placed them inside another car before driving off.

After removing the items from the vehicle, the first suspect attempted to hide behind a parked car and change his clothes when deputies arrested him. Authorities arrested the second suspect driving away with the stolen property a couple blocks away from the initial crime scene.

Following the suspects’ arrest, deputies retrieved several stolen items from inside their vehicle which included laptops, iPads, backpacks, and wallets with identifications, credit cards and other miscellaneous items.

The two suspects currently remain in custody. One of the suspects that was arrested had been wanted on a $250,000 burglary warrant.

According to deputies, there have been 33 vehicle burglaries that transpired in the region between August 27 and September 2. Investigators believe gang members from outside the city are responsible for committing the burglaries.

The LASD West Hollywood Station reminds the public to not leave any items inside their parked cars in order to prevent future break-ins from occurring.