SANTA MONICA The Santa Monica Police Department is searching for three suspects at-large for information related to the arrests of those responsible for arson that occurred on Sunday, May 31 at Sake House by Hikari in Santa Monica. 

The suspects appear in an Instagram video carrying three Mac computers as well as a number of different retail items through what seems like a back parking lot. 

In a separate picture, the female suspect appears to be in a looted convenience store holding in her arms a large water bottle, hand sanitizer and a few other products. 

The popular Japanese restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard was engulfed in flames in the midst of the riots and looting that occurred from protests organized earlier in the afternoon that day. Shattered glass and broken furniture also laid on the floor of the dining room.

Police reports indicate that approximately 438 arrests were made on May 31, which included charges such as looting, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on an officer and curfew violations.

The Santa Monica Police Department was unavailable for comment. It is unknown whether the suspects will be charged for any other crimes.  

The police department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects. A $5000 reward is at stake for any information offered to SMPD. Anyone with information can contact Detective D. Chabot at (310) 458-2201 Ext. 6679, Sergeant C. Green at (310) 458-8414, or the Watch Commander (24 Hours) at (310) 458-8427.