SANTA MONICA—A swimmer was reported missing on Wednesday, August 19, around 10 p.m., after a friend told a nearby lifeguard tower what happened, which lead the Los Angeles County Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard to help in the search.

The incident occurred at the Santa Monica Pier, and following the report, helicopters from the fire department were already in the air, attempting to locate the swimmer.

Due to the incident remaining in its early stages, and the victim still missing, authorities have decided not to release their name and age, at this time, as that information is currently deemed private, with only the victims’ loved ones being privy.

It hasn’t been confirmed why and how the swimmer ended up going missing, but the amount of details emerging so far make it difficult to determine the cause, other than what the friend of the victim reported.

Authorities chose not to confirm or deny the information until they’re able to conduct more of a thorough search of the area, and potentially find the victim, then give a better update regarding the situation.

This continues to be a developing story, and we will update you, if any more information is made public.