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ANTI-Mentoring = Refusing To Parent!

UNITED STATES—"A TORN JACKET IS SOON MENDED, BUT HARD WORDS BRUISE THE HEART OF THE CHILD," Longfellow.  A century ago socioeconomic factors were blamed, but...

It’s ALL Relative!

UNITED STATES—It's all relative: parents are disabling children! Did you know that 49.4 percent of children aged 6-12 receive Social Security disability payments because they...

Abuse In Police Power Continues

UNITED STATES—Unfortunately, it has happened once again, and frankly I’m quite tired of hearing about it. This time the attention has been placed on...

Couple Suspected Of Abusing Toddler Pleads Not Guilty

SHERMAN OAKS —On April 23, a couple suspected of seriously abusing and neglecting their 2-year-old daughter plead not guilty to child abuse and child endangerment charges. 23-year-old Lorena...

Stopping Disabled Parking Abuse

BEVERLY HILLS—Officials in Beverly Hills are continuing their efforts to eliminate the ongoing abuse of disabled parking by conducting a series of “Enforcement Sweeps.” According...
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