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A History Lesson On Horror This October!

HOLLYWOOD—Well it is official America, the month of October has arrived and we are just a mere 3 weeks away from Halloween. For many...

October Means Thrills, Chills And Horror!

HOLLYWOOD—Well it is official we are in the month of October, it is getting darker outside earlier, the leaves are falling, it’s raining a...

“Brightburn” Is A New Realm Of Horror

HOLLYWOOD—When was the last time you saw the superhero genre turned upside down on its head? Yeah, think about that one for a minute....

“Alien: Covenant” Returns To Its Scary Roots!

HOLLYWOOD—“Alien” is one of my all-time favorite horror classics. There is something about that movie, and Ridley Scott’s ability to capture a level of...

The Sequel Debate: “Aliens”

HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who is a film buff, is well aware that sequels suck. I no longer believe it is a notion of opinion, because it’s...

Speak Easy: I’m An Alien?

UNITED STATES—Months ago I told you all about how redheads are SPECIAL and that I should've been a princess because of my link to the...
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