Tag: ampas

Diversity In The Academy

UNITED STATES—I’ve been wanting to write about this, since news surfaced about 2 weeks ago about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences...

The Oscar Diversity Debate Continues

UNITED STATES—Wow, that’s the only word I can say to describe what the Oscar nominations has done to the Hollywood industry in the last...

Oscar Nomination Madness

UNITED STATES—Ok, so this is an issue I want to talk about because the wave of criticism has been overwhelming since last Thursday when...

Snubbing The Oscars!

HOLLYWOOD—Now, that the nominees have been announced, you'll see the celebrities out in full force. They are getting prepared for the Oscars a little...

Film Museum Approved By City Council

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved the new Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) Museum on June 24. Funds for the...
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