Tag: Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty Is Now A Federal Crime

UNITED STATES—President Donald Trump signed a law on Monday, November 25 making animal cruelty a federal crime in the United States of America.  H.R. 724...

Man Receives 3 Years’ Probation For Animal Abuse

LOS ANGELES—Eljin Jermaul Holt, 28, has been prohibited from owning or being around an animal for a period of 10 years after he abused...

Couple Pleads No Contest To Animal Cruelty

LOS ANGELES—A man and woman, who are both members of the Los Angeles Police Department pleaded no contest on Friday, January 11 to a...

Fines, Jail Time For People Who Leave Animals In Hot Cars

STUDIO CITY—Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer appeared at a news conference outside the Easy Valley Animal Shelter on Tuesday, July 18 to urge...

Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To Animal Cruelty

CALIFORNIA—William Meek, 47, of Citrus Heights pled not guilty on February 20 to animal cruelty charges prompted by the discovery of his ex-girlfriend’s 12-year-old...

LA County Fire Chief Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

RIVERSIDE—Over one year ago, in November 2008, a former Los Angeles County Fire Department assistant fire chief was accused of nearly beating a small...
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