Tag: Animals

Evolution Of: Protecting Animals

UNITED STATES—The Evolution of Protecting Animals. Animals usually make people happy. Since this is the season of giving what could be better than being reminded...

REALITY FOR NERDS: Racing Extinction

UNITED STATES— WE ARE Racing Extinction! I must confess… Besides new episodes of Oak Island, it was difficult finding something to write about. The repeats...

LA Zoo Celebrates World Elephant Day

GRIFFITH PARK—On August 8 and 9, the Los Angeles Zoo is holding a special celebration commemorating World Elephant Day. World Elephant Day is an international...

Man Arrested For Illegally Selling Animals

LOS ANGELES—46-year-old Demetrio Plumamena was arrested on Saturday, March 13, for illegally selling more than 100 animals on a downtown Los Angeles street. Officers patrolling...

West Hollywood Approves Ordinance To Outlaw Sale of Animals

WEST HOLLYWOOD —On February 1, the West Hollywood City Council agreed upon the proposed ordinance prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats in companion...
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