Tag: annoyance

Jury Duty Obligations

UNITED STATES—It is your civic duty America. I’m referring to jury duty, which can be a pain sometimes. You never know when you’re going...

Dictating One’s Schedule

UNITED STATES—Time is perhaps the one thing so many of us in America wish we had more of, but we never get it. With...

Procrastinating Is Bad People!

UNITED STATES—If there is something that I’ve always struggled with is procrastination. For those not in the know, procrastination is when you delay something...

Political Ad Mayhem

UNITED STATES—You know when it’s election year, when those political ads start running on television. It’s only September, and I’m telling myself now I...

Fed Up With The Bull-Crap!

UNITED STATES—I guess I am someone who takes my job quite seriously. I don’t like to play around or doddle when it comes to...
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