Tag: apples

A Trip To The Apple Orchard

UNITED STATES—I vividly recall my school trips, which I find odd considering how long ago those trips to the zoo, museums, theaters and so...

All Things Fall Are Amongst Us

UNITED STATES—I love the fall season for three reasons: fall weather, football and apples. People who know me are well aware I’m not that...

Autumn Is Coming People!

UNITED STATES—This should come to no surprise to the people who know me: I hate the summer. I’m not an extreme heat person, so...

Fall Is Here People!

UNITED STATES—This might be only me, but I am so glad that summer is over and fall has arrived. I love fall and I...

Fruits, Fruits And More Fruits!

UNITED STATES—The one resolution that tends to be at the top for most Americans in the New Year is eating healthier and losing weight....

Fireblight Kills Pears And Apples

UNITED STATES—Bunches of blackened leaves hanging from blackened stems in otherwise healthy pear trees really are as serious as they look. They probably appeared...
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