Tag: artificial turf

The Lawn Is Always Greener

UNITED STATES—Turf grasses are the ultimate in groundcover. They are very durable, and useful for covering large areas in a very user friendly manner....

Artificial Turf Has Real Advantages

UNITED STATES—Lawn is the carpeting for our outdoor spaces. Like pavement or decking, it makes the space in or gardens useful for more than...

UCLA’s Intramural Field Now Drought Safe

WESTWOOD—After six months of work, UCLA will re-open its newly drought-friendly Intramural Field on July 10. The eight acres of the IM Field have been...

Lawn Loses Some Turf Wars

UNITED STATES—As a landscape feature, lawn and turf are in a distinct category. Just as arborists specialize in arboriculture (horticulture of trees), there used...
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