Tag: autumn color

Autumn Foliage In Mild Climates

UNITED STATES—Colorful foliage is always present. After all, green is a color, even without any other color or variegation. Defoliation of deciduous foliage during...

Fall Color To Fall For This ‘Autumn’

UNITED STATES—Autumn is also fall here. Actually, 'fall' is the more popular name. It had been the popular name in England during the Sixteenth...

Autumn Color From Deciduous Foliage

UNITED STATES—Autumn does not get cool enough locally to prevent everything from blooming. A few plants can bloom sporadically all year except only during...

Autumn Color That Proves It

UNITED STATES—There may not be a good time to talk about it this year. The late warmth really put a damper on some of...

Why Autumn Is Also Fall

UNITED STATES—The calender says that it is now autumn. The weather does not necessarily agree. Some of the trees are dropping their leaves. However,...

Early Autumn Color Might Disappoint

UNITED STATES—It might seem like autumn color is a bit early this year. In the wild, where there is no irrigation, native box elders,...
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