Tag: Becky

“Empire” Recap: ‘Master Of What Is Mine Own’

HOLLYWOOD—Season four of the FOX series “Empire” really returned the series back to its original form in my opinion. It was gripping, delivered twists...

“Big Brother 17” Week 8 Tedium

HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, after the double eviction chaos, I thought week 8 would be an interesting one in the “Big Brother 17” compound, but it...

“Big Brother 17” Double Eviction Fallout

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that’s the only word that I can use to describe what transpired during the culmination of week 7 in the “Big Brother 7”...

“Big Brother 17” Week 6 Chaos

HOLLYWOOD—Finally, we now have a competition. As much as I was a fan of Jason, his eviction set the stage for a divided house,...
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