Tag: Beirut

Vigil Held For Victims Of Deadly Beirut Explosion

SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, August 6, a vigil was held in Rincon Park for the victims of a recent explosion in Lebanon. The explosion occurred on...

LA Beirut Sisters Cities Committee Requesting Relief Fund

CALIFORNIA — As a result of the August 4 explosion in Beirut, chair of the Los Angeles Beirut Sister Cities Committee and westside local...

At Least 78 Dead And 4,000 Wounded In Beirut Explosion

BEIRUT— On Tuesday, August 4, at 6:07 p.m. an explosion ripped through the capital city of Beirut in Lebanon. The impact killed dozens, injured...

Beirut Explosion Leaves Major Damage And Many Injured

BEIRUT, LEBANON— A significantly big explosion occurred on Tuesday morning in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Video shows a big explosion which blew out windows...
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