Tag: birds

“Angry Birds 2” Is Awful!

HOLLYWOOD—I always attempt to find the good in any movie, but sometimes there are those movies that are so bad, no matter how hard...

Malibu Statistician Befriends Local Scrub Jays

MALIBU—Richard Stern, a former UCLA Statistics professor has an interest in local birds. Birds are comfortable enough with Stern to eat out of his...

Colorful Berries Feed Overwintering Birds

UNITED STATES—Plants compensate for their immobility by procuring the services of animals and insects. They bloom with flowers that attract pollinators with colors, fragrances...

Berries Are For The Birds

UNITED STATES—It is probably no coincidence that certain berries and small fruits are so colorful through winter while colorful flowers are relatively scarce. Like...

“The Angry Birds Movie” Delivers Plenty Of Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—A few years ago a game grew in its level of popularity on people’s phone, not to mention on countless iPods and iPads. For...

Colorful Autumn And Winter Berries

UNITED STATES—Before the colorful foliage of autumn falls and gets raked away, a few types of berries and fruit start to provide a bit...
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