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“HTGAWM” Recap: ‘We’re Bad People’

HOLLYWOOD—Well, this is one series that sure knows how to keep the audience guessing till the final moment. The ABC series “How to Get...

“Too Close To Home” Returns For More Drama!

HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry’s new TLC hit “Too Close to Home” is back to bring more drama to the world of politics and Happy, Alabama. When...

“Too Close To Home” Recap: ‘The Evil Dragon’

HOLLYWOOD—Well, that was quick people. The season 1 finale to Tyler Perry’s TLC hit series, “Too Close to Home” arrived Monday night and there...

“How To Get Away With Murder” Back For Mayhem!

HOLLYWOOD—The drama series that delivers so many twists and surprises has returned for season 3 people. Yep, “How to Get Away With Murder” is...

“Too Close To Home” Is Political Madness!

HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry is at it again. The writer, director, producer and acting powerhouse has unleashed TLC’s first scripted drama series with “Too Close To...

“How To Get Away With Murder” Kicks Off Season 2

HOLLYWOOD—Last year, plenty of new shows grabbed viewer’s attention, but the ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder” was a must-see on my...
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