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Bike Share Service Breeze Ends In November

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica based bike share program Breeze will stop its operations at on November 11, 2020. As stated in the email to its customers,...

Breeze Bike Share Still Free In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA — Almost three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Santa Monica is still offering free unlimited 90-minute Breeze Bike Share...

Breeze Celebrates One Year Anniversary

SANTA MONICA—Breeze Bike Share celebrates its one year anniversary on Saturday, November 12. Individuals looking to celebrate the green bike share service will have...

New Plans For Breeze Bike Share In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share Program will have a new Fee Structure and Employee Benefits Program beginning August 1, according to a press...

Motion As A Landscape Element

UNITED STATES—Landscapes appeal to our senses. The colors and textures of blooms and foliage are visually appealing. Floral fragrance and foliar aroma appeal to...
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