Tag: Broad Beach

James Kwon Arrested For Break-In At Pierce Brosnan’s Home

MALIBU—On June 21, James Kwon,  the suspect who broke into  Brosnan estate was released from jail.  According to the Los Angeles County...

Repopulation Beginning In Malibu Areas

MALIBU—The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department revealed the repopulation of the following regions inside the following areas of the city of Malibu as a...

Officers Arrest Suspects After Car Chase In Malibu

MALIBU—A car thief and his accomplice who abandoned their car at Malibu's Broad Beach Saturday, July 22 after they led California Highway Patrol officers...

Malibu Broad Beach Replenishment Project Got Postponed

MALIBU—Malibu’s residents are not going to see Broad Beach to be restored at least for another year due to regulatory reasons. The  Malibu Broad Beach...

Roadblocks Halt Efforts To Restore Broad Beach

MALIBU—The $31 million plan to restore Broad Beach, which is home to various celebrities, such as Ray Romano, Pierce Brosnan and Dustin Hoffman is...

$31 Million Plan To Save Broad Beach Oceanfront

MALIBU—The California Coastal Commission, which helps to improve and replenish the quality of life for California's coastal residents, has approved a plan to help save...
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