Tag: bumblebee

“Aquaman” Dominates Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well, for the third consecutive weekend, the DC Comic book hero “Aquaman” remained at the top spot of the box-office. Dare I say DC...

“Aquaman” Wins Box-Office Again

HOLLYWOOD—I was slightly skeptical on how the DC Comics superhero “Aquaman” would perform at the box-office, but it appears the flick has found itself...

“Bumblebee” Has Plenty Of Heart

HOLLYWOOD—I have always been a fan of the “Transformers” films. It is actually bittersweet for me because it is a franchise that allowed me...

Epic Fall Movie Preview

HOLLYWOOD—I’m just going to put it out there: I was very disappointed with the crop of films released for summer 2018. I felt there...

Artist Bumblebee Installs Temporary Artwork In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—LA-based artist Bumblebee installed a temporary artwork on Colorado Avenue near the Santa Monica Pier on Monday, July 16, to promote a new...
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