Tag: Chad DiMera

Chad DiMera Embraces His Dark Side On “Days!”

HOLLYWOOD─Out of all the members of the DiMera clan, and trust me there are quite a few, Chad DiMera has been the only one...

Chad’s World Explodes On “Days!”

HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the big secret about Abigail, her alters and who killed Andre DiMera has been unearthed on “Days of Our Lives!” As...

Hope Arrested, Chad Brainwashed On “Days Of Our Lives”

HOLLYWOOD—Oh wow, the month of December has indeed been an interesting one on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Hope Brady found herself...

Salem Necktie Killer On “Days” Is…!

HOLLYWOOD—The NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” is doing something that the remaining soaps on network television should take note of: stellar storytelling will...

Salem Strangler Strikes Again On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—I’m not sure what happened in the past three weeks, but "Days of Our Lives" has seriously stepped up its narrative in a way...
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